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Practicing Safety At Work Is Crucial

Accidents at industrial facilities and plants can be very dangerous. Dealing with the aftermath of the injuries can be painful and expensive. When you or someone you love suffers one of these injuries, it is important to make sure that you have legal counsel who can represent you and make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Kastl Law, P.C., has helped clients throughout Texas do just that.

How Do Industrial Accidents Happen?

Workplaces can be dangerous no matter what field you are in, but when those workplaces are inherently dangerous, such as refineries and chemical plants, the danger level is higher. Negligence of any type in these areas can result in severe accidents and even death. If the equipment at the facility is outdated or if the employees do not receive proper training, the danger level goes up. If the company does not follow certain safety procedures, it is only a matter of time before an accident takes place.

Other types of industrial accidents other than explosions can and do occur as well. Defective equipment and falling objects are two big dangers. Slip-and-fall accidents, untrained employees and exposure to toxic chemicals are also dangers that workers face regularly. Those who suffer from injuries related to these and other industrial accidents often do not know what to do or where to turn. We are here to help.

Burns Are Serious Injuries

Injuries from burns are sometimes unexpected. Obvious sources of burns like a hot stove or open flame are often recognizable. Yet, we are also exposed to risks from burns in less subtle ways. Less-apparent sources of burns include:

  • Electricity
  • Chemicals
  • Hot liquids
  • Radiation

Burns can be serious injuries requiring medical attention. According to the American Burn Association, thousands of people die from burn-related complications. Even minor burns can become infected or cause blistering and scarring. Severe or untreated burns can cause shock and even death.

Preventing burns should be anyone’s first step, but when a responsible party neglects their duty of care, their negligence can harm innocent people.

Explosions And Blast Injuries

Most people know the dangers of gas leaks, improper storage of combustible chemicals, and mishandling explosives and fireworks. Yet, thousands of people are injured every year from detonations in the United States. While accidents do happen, injuries are sometimes preventable and negligence can be a cause of these explosions.

What makes these injuries so dangerous is the number of ways they can harm a person. The sound of an explosion can damage someone’s hearing. Depending on a person’s proximity to the blast, damage from shrapnel can cause cuts, burns, dismemberment and even death. A person who is near a chemical explosion could face respiratory damage. All of these injuries have the potential to negatively impact a person’s quality of life in both the short and long term.

Stories of facilities like chemical plants exploding have become far too common in Texas over the last decade. However, blasts and explosions can occur anywhere if a responsible party fails to recognize the warning signs.

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