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5 Secrets Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Car Accidents

Americans spend an average of $1,503 each year on car insurance. Given these prices, customers likely expect their car insurance companies to come through for them in their times of need.

But, sadly, many insurance providers don’t plan on fairly paying out claims.

Some of them will stop at nothing to ensure that you don’t get justice after getting into a car accident. And this refusal to pay up can put a financial burden on your shoulders.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some insider secrets that will help you stay one step ahead of your insurance company.

Here are 5 of our best car insurance secrets.

1. Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer

After getting into a car accident, your first instinct might be to hire a lawyer. And this instinct would be right.

But your insurance provider would love nothing more than for you to go without a lawyer.


Because if you get yourself a lawyer, you’re much more likely to get the payout your deserve. If you don’t get a lawyer, however, your insurance company may try its best to give you the lowest possible offer.

2. Insurance Companies Want to Settle

Sometimes car insurance providers will drag out the process of paying out your claim. They’ll often argue you down about how much you’re owed and attempt to discredit your case—all the while acting as if they don’t care about settling the case.

Here’s the deal, though:

These companies want to settle. They’re just playing a long game, hoping that customers will eventually accept their offers.

3. They Have Doctors on Payroll…

If you ever get into an accident, don’t visit the doctor your insurance company recommends. Many people put their trust in medical professionals, but doctors don’t always have your wellbeing in mind.

Car insurance companies often have these doctors on payroll, and these doctors have every incentive to swing your medical exam in the insurance company’s favor.

4. And Subtract the Cost of Defense from Settlement Decisions

Even if you win your case against your provider, there’s a good chance that the provider will attempt to nickel and dime you afterward. How? …by subtracting some of its cost from the payout.

Let’s say the company pays out $25,000. If the company has spent $5,000 to defend itself, the payout drops to $20,000.

Our suggestion? Get an aggressive lawyer who will be tough on your insurance company. The company is less likely to get away with this behavior if you have a competent lawyer on your side.

5. Some Insurance Adjusters Purposely Mislead You

Insurance adjusters aren’t attorneys. But they’re great at twisting your words to make them fit the insurance company’s narrative.

They’ll often attempt to get you to make official statements which undermine your own case. Not only that, but some of them will purposely mislead you by offering up false information just to see how you’ll respond.

Bottom line:

Don’t speak to an insurance adjuster without a lawyer present.

Currently in a Battle with Your Insurance Company?

If you’re currently in a battle with your insurance company, here’s our best advice:

Get a lawyer. ASAP.

You may think you can handle things on your own, but car insurance companies are good at minimizing their costs… and cheating you out of your payout in the process.

That said, feel free to contact Kastl Law if you’re in need of legal advice. We specialize in dealing with personal injury claims and will help you get the payout you deserve.