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7 Tips: How to Win Your Workers’ Comp Case for an Industrial Accident

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Work Place Accident Report

You always follow the safety protocols at work. This time, you’re working in a particularly dangerous environment, and an accident happens that just couldn’t be avoided. Now you’re out of work with a severe injury that leaves you wondering how you can get compensated for it.

Unfortunately, injuries at work are common—there were 2.8 million injuries and illnesses related to the workplace in 2017 alone. Get the pay you deserve and find out how to win your workers’ comp case with these 7 tips.

1. Receive Medical Treatment

Always get medical treatment immediately following your industrial accident. Let the doctor know exactly what pain you’re feeling so that your injury can be properly documented.

Make sure to follow all of your doctor’s orders, including taking your prescribed medication and attending all workers’ comp doctor’s appointments. Otherwise, the defendant or insurer will make a claim that you aren’t badly injured.

2. Keep Track of Evidence

Evidence is the most essential part of every workers’ comp case. Your evidence should consist of items such as the following:

  • Witness information
  • Pictures/footage of the accident
  • Medical records, diagnosis, and doctor’s notes
  • Receipts for prescriptions and doctor’s appointments
  • Proof of missed work

Organize and prepare all of your evidence before starting your case.

3. Avoid Social Media

Here’s a piece of free workers’ comp advice: don’t post anything on social media.

If you’re active on social media while injured, the defendant can use that to their advantage. For example, being seen on social media running or lifting an item while injured can make it seem like you’re not actually injured.

4. Watch Out for Private Investigators

You’ve probably heard of workers’ comp cases resulting in surveillance and private investigations. In that case, you could use some workers’ comp surveillance tips.

Insurance agencies hire investigators to follow you to see if you do anything that might suggest that you’re not as injured as you claim. They often present misleading evidence that can ruin your case. Talk with your lawyer to see if you can put a limit on their surveillance.

5. Appear at All Legal Meetings

You should appear at every legal proceeding and court date. This includes attending hearings, conferences, mediation, and deposition. Not attending these sessions can make it more likely for you to lose your benefits.

6. Swap Doctors

Some states require that you have to receive treatment from a doctor that was picked by the insurance company. Since that doctor is getting paid by the insurance company, the doctor might downplay your injuries to save the insurance company from costly fees.

If you feel that your doctor isn’t treating you fairly, check with your state’s laws to see how you can switch doctors.

7. Keep Your Lawyer Updated

Whenever your treatment or condition changes, so does the course of your case. Let your lawyer know about any changes that could possibly affect your mental well-being, your ability to do work around the house, or your ability to do leisurely activities.

The Bottom Line: How to Win Your Workers’ Comp Case

Learning how to win your workers’ comp case is simple once you understand all of the required steps. Once your case is over, you’ll finally have relief—you’ll no longer have to suffer from lost wages following your accident.

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