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What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer and How Do I Know When I Need One?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Top Lawyer

Millions of people are hospitalized for injuries each year. So if you’re dealing with personal injury, you definitely aren’t alone!

But at what point do you need a personal injury lawyer? Who are they and what can they do for you?

Here, we’ll answer your questions so that you can determine if a personal injury attorney is the right solution for you.

What Cases Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

First, let’s talk about a personal injury case. Simply put, it’s any case where a person has been injured. If you’ve been medically treated for injuries resulting from another’s negligence, you may need a personal injury lawyer.

Situations requiring a personal injury lawyer include 18 wheeler truck accidents, workplace accidents, car accidents, industrial accidents, catastrophic injuries, slip and fall injuries, and brain injuries (we’ve written more about these types of accidents on this page).

It’s possible to only use insurance or to settle outside of court by yourself. But your chances to win your case are a lot higher if you hire a personal injury lawyer.

Well, an insurance company’s goal is to cut their costs. That means their goal is to pay you less money. While insurance companies brave the legal system on a daily basis, this is likely to be your first time.

Simply stated, the goal of a personal injury lawyer is to make a fair settlement more likely. Your lawyer will bring you negotiation experience, level the playing field, navigate court procedures, guide you through mediation and trial, and spend time on your case so that you are free to live your life.

They can also help by documenting your injuries, providing an objective perspective, providing expert witnesses, and uncovering who’s at fault.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If any of these situations describe you, then you may need a personal injury lawyer:

You Have Been Seriously Injured

If your injuries have affected your ability to work and/or go about your daily life, you need a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can help you get a settlement that will assist with your medical bills.

This is especially true if you have been permanently disabled by the accident. Instead of worrying about paperwork and court dates, you can focus on recovery.

The Insurance Company Won’t Pay You

Whether it’s your insurance or that of the liable party, if they aren’t paying you then it’s time to get a lawyer. You should also contact a lawyer if they are willing to pay but offering a much lower sum than what you think is fair.

This also includes payment for lost wages. If you live paycheck to paycheck, this can be debilitating. But no matter what, you should make sure that wages lost due to your injury are covered by the insurance company.

You Don’t Know Who’s Liable

If several individuals were involved in an accident, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault. Determining liability can be complicated. Insurance companies might even try to claim that you are partially at fault.

Here, a personal injury lawyer can help navigate this difficult legal challenge and protect you from counterclaims.

A Negligent Healthcare Professional Made Your Injuries Worse

If you think your injuries weren’t treated with the proper standard of care, you may also need to file a claim. This is another difficult legal challenge best handled by a professional.

Let Kastl Law Be Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Now that you know what a personal injury lawyer is, let us help you! Contact us and tell us a little about your situation.

We can help navigate this difficult legal process so you can focus on recovering. We’ll guide you through the negotiation, mediation, and trial processes.

Let us document your pain and suffering, gather crucial evidence, and find expert witnesses so that you have the best chance for fair compensation from your accident.

Together, we can make sure you get a fair payout for your personal injury case.