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Types and causes of occupational burns

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Firm News

Workplace injuries can be serious, especially in occupations requiring exposure to or handling materials with high levels of heat, open flames and explosive materials. Burns can occur as a result of these working conditions, some of which can leave a person disfigured.

Burns are one of the leading contributors to workplace injuries. Around 8% of all burn injuries are due to workplace accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites burns as the most common reason for injuries in the shipbuilding and repair industry.

What types of burns are the most prevalent?

There are a number of impacts burns can have on the body, and many sources. The most common kinds include:

  • Chemical burns – caused by exposure to caustic materials, such as acids, fertilizers, cleaning and medical supplies, and industrial chemicals all have the potential to inflict severe burns. Contact can occur on the skin or through airborne particles that are inhaled, ingested, or otherwise make contact with a person.
  • Electrical burns – caused by making contact with an electric current, through sources like exposed wiring, water with electrical currents, power lines, and other electrical conductors. Beyond external damage, there can be injury to internal tissues, nerves, vessels, and joints. In some cases, the electrical current can start a fire.
  • Thermal burns – these are what most people think of when they imagine a burn, which include injuries from an open flame or source of high heat. A thermal burn increases in severity based on how deeply it goes beyond the skin. More severe high-degree burns can impact a victim all the way to the muscles and skeletal system.

Burns can require extensive surgeries, skin grafting, and lifelong organ damage. It’s critical to act quickly to get medical treatment after experiencing any kind of burn.

You may end up out of work for an extended period while you recover, or even unable to return at all. This can deeply impact you and your family. A legal representative can help you understand how to get proper compensation for your injuries. Once you’ve received medical care, contact an attorney to find out how to begin your case.