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Four common types of burn hazards in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Catastrophic Injury

Burns can be one of the most serious and most painful workplace injuries a person in Dallas can suffer. What is especially upsetting is that with due care many burn injuries could have been prevented. In general, there are four major types of workplace burns: thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns and sun exposure burns.

Thermal burns

A hot liquid, open flame, hot object or explosion can cause thermal burns. It is important that these burns are stopped as soon as a person is burned. It is possible to prevent thermal burns through the use of personal protective equipment, instituting fire prevention strategies and having emergency plans in place.

Chemical burns

If a person’s skin or eyes comes into contact with acid, alkaloids or other caustic substances, this can cause a chemical burn. Chemical burns can damage both the skin and deeper tissue. It is possible to prevent chemical burns is ensuring workers are familiar with symbols and labels regarding chemical risks and how to prevent burns. Hazard communication training may also help workers avoid chemical burns.

Electrical burns

When a person is electrocuted, an electric current travels through their system until it meets skin tissue, resulting in burns. There are ways to prevent electric burns. One way is to ensure that high-voltage areas and machinery are clearly marked with warnings. Workers should also be trained to recognize live wires and to avoid water when working with electrical equipment. Workers should also be supplied with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Sun exposure burns

While sun exposure burns can happen any time, they may be especially prevalent under Texas’s hot summer sun. Sun exposure burns can be prevented in a variety of ways. Workers should be trained in sun safety practices. Reducing the amount of time that a worker spends in the sun can also help prevent sun exposure burns. Wearing sun-protective clothing can help prevent sun exposure burns, as can the use of sunscreen.

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