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How dangerous are head-on collisions?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Car Accidents

A head-on collision might be the most feared of all traffic accidents. Texas drivers likely understand the dangers of frontal crashes, considering these collisions’ high fatality rates. Taking steps to reduce the chances of a head-on collision seems prudent. Sadly, not all serious accidents are avoidable, but careful driving could cut down on the possibility of a crash.

Head-on collision avoidance

Alert and focused driving may decrease the odds of getting into an accident, including frontal ones. Fatigued and distracted driving might hamper the ability to avoid collisions since a driver might not be aware of what other cars are doing. Drivers need to react quickly to prevent an accident, and fast responses become more challenging when not mentally sharp and focused.

When driving on a single-lane highway, alertness counts. A distracted, tired, or otherwise inattentive driver might cross the line into oncoming traffic. A careful driver can’t control what oncoming traffic does, but defensive driving skills may help with getting out of the way.

Negligence and car crashes

What causes car accidents? Negligence ranks as a top reason, and a driver that crosses into oncoming traffic to make an illegal pass could be liable for a head-on collision. Various improper behaviors could lead to an accident, and the negligent driver may face a civil lawsuit.

Families that suffer the loss of a loved one might find themselves seeking damages in court. A wrongful death suit could help those survivors struggling financially after a relative needlessly dies in an avoidable collision. Sometimes, a lawsuit could lead to changes in behavior. For example, a trucking company might better enforce safety rules after a judgment.

An attorney may talk about legal options with victims or their family members. The attorney could explore options for filing an insurance claim, along with a lawsuit.