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Unsettling facts about road rage

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Most people have encountered unruly drivers on roads and highways in Texas. But few drivers have actually been confronted by them. Even so, there are a handful of deaths, including murders, that have been caused by preventable acts of road rage. No driver should ignore the facts and statistics about road rage.

Road rage is common

Road rage, also known as aggressive driving, accounts for more than 50% of car accidents that end in death or murder, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Each year, acts of road rage cause 1,800 injuries and 30 deaths on average.

In addition, nearly 80% of drivers claim to have felt anger or tension while driving. The reasons may vary from being cut off suddenly to being stuck behind slow drivers.

Not everyone knows what bad driving is

The acts of road rage are not all easy to prevent. Everyone has different ideas about what good, or bad, driving is. Some people think that speeding is a sign of aggressive driving while others think that speeding is normal. Likewise, some people think that changing lanes at the last minute is normal; however, other drivers see it as an act of irresponsibility.

Every driver has a different opinion of what reckless driving looks like. However, cutting off other drivers or changing lanes at the last minute is offensive to many and often leads to road rage.

What to do about road rage?

Road rage is not entirely preventable. Drivers are expected to drive safely and responsibly to avoid inciting anger among their fellow drivers. You are also required to control your emotions and avoid stress in your life before driving out onto the road.