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Are fatal car accidents a serious danger during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Car Accidents

As the holidays approach, people get into festive moods. Traveling to friends’ or family members’ homes could become part of the agenda. Texas residents may hit the roads to visit any number of tourist locations. Sadly, they face risks when traveling because drunk and other negligent drivers may crowd the roads during holiday seasons. And some holidays bring with them incredible car collision dangers.

Holiday car crash dangers

Concerns about holiday car crashes are not overblown. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2010 to 2018 saw more than 6,000 fatal drunk driving crashes. Christmas provided a minor reprieve as it ranks as the holiday with the lowest drunk driving fatalities. However, the three-day weekend holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day resulted in many fatalities. Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July also experienced significant crashes.

Keep in mind that not all fatal accidents involve drunk driving. Distracted and fatigued driving may affect someone traveling during the holidays. The sheer volume of drivers hitting congested roads could cause more crashes. Other factors, including tourists and visitors driving on unfamiliar roads, may boost the chances of accidents occurring.

Dealing with holiday driving

Needless to say, avoiding drinking and driving could decrease someone’s chances of getting into an accident. Avoiding other troubling driving behaviors, like playing loud music or engaging in other distracting behaviors, may make holiday driving safer.

Getting into any auto accidents becomes less likely when not driving and choosing to avoid holiday travel. Unfortunately, even pedestrians and bicyclists face risks from negligent drivers during holiday seasons.

Practicing defense driving skills may help someone hoping to avoid accidents and injuries. Still, safe driving practices have limitations. Another driver’s reckless could make a crash unavoidable.

Civil litigation may follow a vehicle crash. A reasonable amount of insurance coverage may cover losses, but coverage doesn’t eliminate the chance for a lawsuit.