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DFW is home to two dangerous interstates

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Car Accidents

Cars and other vehicles are ubiquitous in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Traveling, even routine daily commutes brings risks for Texas residents and visitors. Vehicle collisions could happen anywhere at any time, but some locations might be more dangerous than others. Two particular DFW highways rank among the most dangerous in the state.

The dangers on two Dallas-Fort Worth highways

Ranking both I-20 and I-35 as two of Texas’ most dangerous highways raises alarms. A closer look at statistics focusing on these two interstates shows they have a national reputation for danger. The insurance resource called The Zebra points out the two interstate sit on the top-ten list of most dangerous highways in the United States.

I-35 is the fifth most dangerous, and I-20 ranks as number two, frightening statistics for travelers on these roadways. However, these interstates reside in a highly populated state and not only go through DFW but also San Antonio and Austin. Heavy traffic could mean more collisions.

Other factors contributing to collisions

Commercial vehicle traffic, including a large volume of 18-wheelers on these highways, could increase the chances of fatal collisions. Commercial truck collisions could cause more damage than car accidents, and fatigued drivers and poorly maintained vehicles might contribute to crash stats.

With a high volume of commuters on these two highways, expect some drivers to commit moving violations. Speeding, tailgating, changing lanes without signaling, and dangerous passing could all occur. Drivers who do so put others in danger and open doors to liability suits.

Defensive driving could increase safety levels on the road, and so might avoiding distractions when operating a vehicle. Another driver’s negligence might undermine all attempts at safety, potentially causing injuries to occupants of other motor vehicles.