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Trucking companies may face claims

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents could involve numerous cars and inflict significant injuries. A truck’s size may destroy any vehicles it collides with, and the impact on unlucky pedestrians might be tragically worse. Texas collision investigations may turn toward the driver, as many semi-truck operators commit moving violations or travel under the influence before causing a crash. However, the trucking company’s management could be responsible for the incident.

Truck companies have responsibilities

Trucking companies understandably want to make a profit, but cutting corners in regard to safety matters may prove dangerous. Vehicles require routine maintenance to boost safety. Trucking companies that allow hazardous, poorly maintained vehicles to remain on the road jeopardize lives. A tire blowout or a brake failure could make a crash unavoidable.

Similarly, truck companies must ensure drivers follow state and federal rules. Mandatory breaks help decrease the chances of fatigued driving. Companies that ignore the rule or fail to record accurate logs could face litigation after a tried driver-related crash.

Management may weigh options about retaining an employee who presents risks. Drivers that skirt traffic laws or company rules might become a liability. Perhaps parting ways with such drivers could keep the company out of legal trouble and prevent an accident.

Legal claims against a truck company

When management’s negligence played a role in a big rig accident, victims might file a lawsuit against the company. Plaintiffs could sue all responsible parties, including the driver, the trucking company and other entities.

Victims might seek substantial damages when the accident leads to catastrophic injuries or causes someone to lose their life.

Victims might know that truck drivers may carry commercial vehicle liability coverage, but they might not realize that trucking companies could have business liability coverage. The various insurance policies may cover the losses victims suffer.