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Car accidents and broken bones

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Many victims are lucky to survive a vehicle collision on a Texas road. When vehicles hit one another, the impact could be severe and life-threatening. Some people may suffer permanent disabilities after the accident. Those who suffer from broken bones may survive, but their injuries could require months to heal. A victim may suffer multiple broken bones, adding to their recovery and rehabilitation time.

Vehicle collisions and broken bones

The medical term for a broken bone is a fracture, and car accident victims face numerous risks of fractures depending on the impact. If a reckless driver rear-ends a car at high speed and the victim is not wearing a seatbelt, the victim may go through the windshield and suffer numerous broken bones upon hitting the ground.

The victim might remain pinned in their seat when a larger vehicle hits them. Their bones may break after being compressed by a heavier vehicle. Some could try to brace themselves upon impact. Reaching out to brace against the dashboard might result in a broken wrist or arm. Ultimately, there are many ways a collision could inflict fractures on various bones.

Liabilities and injuries

Broken bones may require extensive surgeries to repair. For example, a fractured ankle might need surgical pins to hold the shattered bones. Other injuries could heal inside a cast. All such injuries may involve a degree of pain and suffering and other concerns. Namely, the injury victim might be unable to work, potentially losing significant income after the car crash.

A personal injury lawsuit might be the one way for an accident victim to recover compensation. The litigation may also seek punitive damages if the negligent driver’s behavior was significantly egregious. Any settlements or awards could help victims rebuild their lives after the crash.