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Essential documents needed for a truck accident lawsuit

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Accidents with trucks on Texas roads can produce some of the most devastating injuries, forcing victims to spend years in rehab and often changing their lives drastically. When filing a lawsuit for accidents involving trucks, victims and their families need to gather several essential documents to ensure a successful claim.

Gathering proper evidence is critical

When passenger cars and large trucks meet in motor vehicle accidents, the latter almost always wins, with truck drivers frequently coming away unscathed while those in passenger vehicles are killed or suffer catastrophic injuries. For a successful lawsuit, you should have the following pieces of evidence:

  • Accident reports — Law enforcement agencies often call certified truck inspectors to accident scenes to check for vehicle defects, low tire tread, overweight loads, or other malfunctions that may appear in the reports.
  • Witness statements and photos — Get names and contact information of witnesses, and document all injuries on paper. Get photos and video, if possible.
  • Alcohol and drug testing reports — If a fatality or physical injury occurs, federal regulations require such tests to determine if intoxication contributed to the incident.
  • Electronic logs — Truck drivers must conform to the Hours-of-Service regulations. Any violations could point to fatigue or negligence.
  • Evidence in a spoilation letter — This legal document requests that the opposing party preserve all the evidence related to the incident.

Preserving evidence can make a decided difference

Negligence is involved in almost every trucking accident, making it essential that you gather as much evidence as possible. Although you or your family can gather much of the evidence on your own, including accident reports and trucking inspections, you may need help with other types of information. Spoilation letters are crucial to the success of your lawsuit as these legal documents request that the opposing side preserve the information they have in their possession regarding the truck, its driver and the trucking company. These reports can make or break your case.

Collect all the documents you need to build a solid case. Obtaining a favorable outcome can help pay for medical treatments and provide the financial means that will allow you to live a comfortable life.