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U.S. accident statistics

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Car Accidents

No matter where someone drives in the United States, the risk of an accident presents itself. Although other geographic areas may have higher accident rates than others, no data can justify taking risks behind the wheel in Texas. Instead, drivers should look at the common reasons for collisions. Understanding how and why many accidents happen might assist with safety and avoidance.

United States accident statistics

When data reveals that an injury crash occurs every 13 seconds and a fatal crash happens every 14 seconds, drivers should feel concerned about their safety. Upon learning that only 2% of accidents involve rear-ending collisions and 48% involve frontal collisions, drivers might use such information to alter how they drive. Some may be less willing to travel on single-lane highways and the accompanying dangers of oncoming traffic.

Another helpful step involves reviewing the reasons why accidents happen. Distracted driving accounts for 33% of all crashes. That figure should warn those who text or eat while driving or engage in other distracting activities. Speeding accounts for numerous collisions, and speeding drivers may cause serious damage upon hitting another vehicle or an object.

Drunk driving causes about 40% of all collisions. Many drunk drivers are repeat offenders, and some even continue to drive under the influence after spending time in jail for prior offenses. That said, a first-time drunk driver may cause a crash because alcohol and drugs can significantly impair someone’s ability to operate a vehicle.

Accident consequences

Victims of car accidents might suffer injuries and property damage that costs them significant sums of money. A lawsuit or insurance claim may provide a way to recover their losses.

Some accidents can cause fatalities, so drivers need to be defensive. Those who suffer harm because of another person’s negligence could take legal action.