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Vehicle accidents increase in severity

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Car Accidents

Vehicle collisions happen all of the time, and accident statistics detailing the past 30 years of collisions list an unfortunate number of injuries and fatalities. Drivers in Texas may feel more concerned about their safety when reading more recent reports. Modern trends and factors contribute to more severe collisions than in previous generations.

Claims and injuries

A study conducted by CCC Intelligent Solutions points to several reasons why accidents have become more severe. One reason is the growing popularity of SUVs and pickup trucks. Consumers appreciate many of the benefits and features these models offer, and the added size gives some drivers comfort as the larger frame could deliver additional protection. However, larger vehicles could inflict more damage on smaller ones in a collision. Similarly, they may cause severe injuries, including crushing ones, on drivers and passengers inside vehicles that they hit.

Modern technology has produced many safety features, but advanced infotainment technology could contribute to distractions. Drivers more concerned with a hands-free phone call or engaging an app on a touchscreen display may cause an accident. Of course, other non-technology-based distractions exist, such as combing one’s hair or eating behind the wheel. Regardless of what causes the distraction, a distracted driver might be more prone to a collision.

Some drivers could become over-reliant on technological safety features. They may rely solely on alerts rather than perform their own diligence to avoid an accident. That behavior could be considered negligence.

Negligent drivers

Drivers whose negligent actions lead to motor vehicle accidents might face lawsuits from all the victims they harm. When a driver inflicts catastrophic injuries on others, the amount the victim seeks could be substantial. Such may also be the case in a wrongful death lawsuit.

An insurance settlement could provide a solution for those seeking compensation for their losses. However, going to court may be necessary if the amount offered is insufficient.