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How to know your car is safe to drive after an accident

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Car Accidents

In Texas and other states, having concerns about the safety of your car is expected once you have been in a car crash. Even if your vehicle appears to have only sustained minor damage, it is essential to take a deeper look before returning to the road. Putting off the repairs can lead to more significant issues later on. The following considerations can help you assess your car’s condition and decide whether driving is safe.

Make sure all the safety features work

Before driving, ensure that all of the car’s features that keep you safe still work correctly. If your airbags were deployed during the accident, you will need them replaced. Broken or faulty lights can reduce driving visibility, and a damaged or non-working seatbelt can compromise safety. A qualified mechanic can help you check these features and make necessary repairs.

Look for tire damage

In car accidents, tires, rims and wheels often become damaged, leading to serious safety risks. Check for visible damage, such as flat or low tires, bent rims or damaged wheels. Debris from the accident could become embedded in your tires, causing a slow leak that is not immediately evident. Additionally, consider having a mechanic check your wheel alignment and test your tires for leaks to optimize performance and prevent uneven wear on your tires.

Remain vigilant while driving afterward

Once you drive your car after an accident, listen for unusual sounds, and note problems with handling or unusual vibrations. These issues may not be visually apparent and only become evident once you drive the car at regular speeds. If you notice anything that seems concerning, consider pulling the car over and having it towed to a qualified mechanic shop for a professional diagnostic.

Have the car professionally inspected

If your vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, you must have it inspected by a qualified, professional mechanic or auto body shop. Professionals have diagnostic tools and the expertise to locate and identify hidden damage and determine your car’s overall safety and roadworthiness. Immediately addressing any issues can help you prevent further consequences or additional repair expenses.

Driving your car after it was in an accident can pose serious issues. Having it inspected and repaired by qualified professionals can give you the assurance and protection to operate your vehicle safely.