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Fun Facts: 4 Interesting Personal Injury Case Examples

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Personal Injury

It’s no secret that corporations can use dangerous, cost-cutting methods to increase their profits. From poor staff training to cheap fixtures, people suffer injuries that could have easily been prevented every day.

But as shown by these personal injury case examples, some people roll the dice to see if they can cash out. We’ve put together some of the most ridiculous ones.

Personal Injury Case Examples

Some people have such fragile egos with rock-bottom self-esteem that their minds actually warp the reality of a situation to try to protect themselves.

No one likes admitting they were wrong, but there is a certain type of person in the world who will do anything to avoid it. Of course, some other people are just really unlucky.

1. Suing Your Employer for Being Bad at Your Job

This incident in the workplace was no accident but certainly a case of terrible judgment.

If you were an ambulance driver who had just picked up a young patient needing to be sent to the emergency room as soon as possible, what is the first thing you would do?

a.) Drive the patient to the emergency room.
b.) Stop for donuts because you feel like a snack.

If you picked the latter, then you think similarly to Larry Wesley, a Houston-based ambulance driver who decided that his sugar cravings were more important than the life in the back of his ambulance.

The patient’s mother complained, and Larry’s boss fired him for his poor judgment. However, Larry then had the audacity to file a civil suit claiming emotional distress.

2. Bottoms Up: The Tale of a Troublesome Toilet

When we sit down on a public toilet, our main worries generally have to do with hygiene and whether or not the door’s lock really works.

One Philadelphia woman, however, discovered a whole new level of paranoia. As she was sitting down on a toilet, a fault in the tank’s pressure caused a powerful surge of water that sent her soaked, smelly, and soaring out of the stall.

As to be expected, she sued the building’s landlord for damages—after 3 or 4 showers of course.

3. Shock and Surprise as Killer Whale Kills

If your dream is to swim with a killer whale, you should try getting a different dream.

One giddy man in Florida was determined to fulfill his dream of swimming with a killer whale at all costs. His clever scheme involved hiding in SeaWorld until it closed so he could jump into the tank and swim around in a Free Willy/Little Mermaid crossover.

The whale killed him.

Then his parents decided to sue SeaWorld because the company did not warn people that killer whales could be deadly.

4. The Weatherman Is a Devious Liar

Everyone knows that weather predictions are not perfect. Most of us are also aware that the weatherman on a news show is just reading the teleprompter—he doesn’t exactly crunch the numbers himself.

That didn’t stop one woman in Israel suing the station for $1,000 after she went out in light clothes—only to be caught in the rain.

She said that she not only caught a cold and missed a week of work, but she also had to pay for medicine while she was sick.

She won the case.

You Never Know

These personal injury case examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are countless stories of people falling into mishaps and successfully suing their way out of it.

With all humor aside, if you feel like you might have a personal injury case, check out our personal injury services to learn more about what we can do for you.