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Industrial Injuries: How and When to File a Workplace Accident Report

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Work Place Accident Report

If you get injured on the job, your first priority should be to file a workplace accident report.

Why report an injury immediately? For starters, not reporting it on time may cause you to lose your workers’ comp benefits. In most states, industrial injuries must be reported within 30 days.

That said, filing a workplace injury report can be a complicated task. You’re required to include all kinds of information, as well as any relevant documents. And even after you fill out your claim form, you may run into certain issues.

Not sure what your accident report should look like? Here’s everything you should know about reporting these types of accidents.

Filing a Workplace Accident Report

As soon as you receive a work injury, report it to your employer.

Many states have their own claim forms that you need to fill out to receive your workers’ comp benefits. If your employer doesn’t provide a claim form, get one from the workers’ compensation board.

While filling out your claim form, you’ll need to provide some information about the accident. Describe how the accident occurred, as well as the nature of the injury itself. Remember to include every body part that was affected by the injury.

Additionally, make sure to list the date, time, and place of the accident. If other parties were involved, mention them as well. Finally, include any medical treatments you’ve undergone.

Once you fill out the form, deliver it to your employer. Keep one copy for yourself. This point marks the beginning of the claim procedure.

Following Your Claim

In case you encounter an issue with your claim, you’ll want to be ready. The easiest way to do this is to keep track of your records.

First of all, keep a copy of everything you fill out or receive. You should receive many forms and documents during this process, so it pays to be on top of it. Keeping copies of the envelopes can’t hurt either.

Also, keep track of how your injury has affected your work. If you needed more time to accomplish certain tasks, mention that in your notes. You can also keep a copy of your checks and time sheets from before and after the accident at work.

Finally, get a copy of your medical reports from your claims administrator. Keep copies of any out-of-pocket expenses, as those may be reimbursed later.

The Employer’s Responsibilities

So, what happens after you fill out your form for a workplace accident report? Most of the time, it will be up to your employer to submit it to the state’s workers’ compensation board office. They will also submit the copy of the form to the claims administrator.

Once your employer submits the form, all that’s left is to wait it out. Soon, the claims administrator will tell you whether your claim has been accepted. They’ll also inform you about the details of the benefits you’ll receive.


As you can see, filing a workplace accident report isn’t a matter you should take lightly. If you’re not prepared, you run the risk of missing out on your workers’ compensation benefits.

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