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What Are the Average Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit

Say you were going about your daily work at your job, when suddenly you find yourself flying through the air and falling hard enough to injure yourself.

Did your employer fail to place a wet floor sign on a slick spot? Did someone leave a piece of equipment out in the walkway that hindered your movement? Who exactly is at fault here? Is there a way to get your employer to pay for your medical bills?

Slipping in the workplace is never fun. Sometimes it can be a long and drawn out legal affair. But in the end, with the right lawyer, you’ll be able to get yourself taken care of.

So what exactly are the average slip and fall settlement amounts people in your situation usually receive? Keep reading to find out what influences this amount.

Consider Your Medical Bills

The first thing you must keep in mind after a workplace accident is that you need to keep track of all of your bills. This includes receipts for doctor visits and copies of bills you may receive for scans and medications.

Keeping your medical bills organized will go great lengths to getting your case settled quickly.

Did You Lose Wages?

It’s also important to keep in mind that during your convalescence you’ve missed some paychecks.

When putting together your case with your legal team, you need to know your employer’s payment patterns. You will also need to keep track of how many average work hours you will have missed.

Missed wages are part of any settlement case. Missing a paycheck because of an injury is never a good thing.

How Long-Term Is Your Pain?

Sometimes slipping and falling at work can be as simple as a bruised skull or twisted ankle. But sometimes an injury can last long past the initial hospital visit. If you’re experiencing chronic, long-lasting pain that hinders your daily life, you should bring this up during a settlement hearing.

Will You Be Able to Work at All Now?

If the worst should happen and your accident is absolutely detrimental to your health, you should absolutely seek legal action. Disabilities caused because of neglect via the employer is something that must be stopped.

Future employees may also have an accident similar to yours that could damage their daily lives as well.

Add Up the Miscellaneous Costs Too

Sometimes we forget the minor details of an accident. Did you have to get a set of crutches for your convalescing period? Or maybe you had to rent an orthopedic boot to keep your foot stabilized.

These random little costs can add up quickly. Keeping your receipts and bills will help you determine the cost of this accident to your daily life.

Average Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts May Vary

No 2 workplace incidents are the same.

If you think your employer may have endangered your life and you need to take legal action, contact us today.

Average slip and fall settlement amounts are never going to be the same across the board. But with our professional team on your side, we’ll get you well on the road to recovery and legal retribution.