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3 safety issues that could lead to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

By ensuring the delivery of goods across vast distances and connecting production hubs from all over the United States, trucking is considered the beating heart of the US economy and an integral part of the global supply chain. However, due to their immense size and the increase in demand and pressure in delivery times, trucks also contribute to the rate of road collisions on American highways.  

Many safety issues are often found to be significant contributing factors to these road accidents. Understanding these can be crucial to mitigating risks and avoiding collisions with truckers. 

Neglecting the importance of seat belts  

Using a seat belt is one of the most straightforward driving safety measures, yet the prevalence of truck drivers not wearing them on the road remains a significant and alarming issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 14 percent of drivers admitted to only sometimes or never wearing a seat belt.  

Unrealistic deadlines  

Truck drivers often follow tight schedules, which could include unrealistic deadlines set by companies. These delivery targets frequently lead truckers to push beyond safe driving limits, putting them at risk and endangering other drivers on the road.  

Drivers under pressure to meet these quotas may also be pressured to ignore the importance of rest, leading to fatigue – one of the significant causes of road collisions in the United States.  

Inadequate training   

Safely operating a large vehicle such as a commercial truck requires proper training to prepare drivers for challenging road conditions or emergencies. About 38 percent of drivers said they did not receive adequate training at the beginning of their careers.  

Truck collisions can have devastating consequences that often involve fatalities. However, these crashes can be prevented by taking even the simplest safety precautions. Injured drivers who have suffered from the mistakes of a truck driver could benefit from seeking legal guidance as soon as possible.