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Long-term consequences of catastrophic burn injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Personal Injury

Serious burn injuries can be caused by many different sources of heat. Many Fort Worth residents may immediately think of fire as a common source of burns. However, other sources like chemicals, heated surfaces, radiation, and even friction, can cause life-altering burn injuries. Many burns heal over time, but not all burns heal completely.

Burns can leave victims with long-term pain and other devastating symptoms. Though this post is not intended to provide legal or medical advice, it does give readers information on how their burn injuries may be compensable under the law. Consultation with personal injury attorneys is recommended for all readers who wish to learn more about this topic.

The immediate symptoms of burns

Depending on the type of burn that a victim suffers, they can experience a range of symptoms. Many burns, regardless of their type, involve intense pain and sensitivity at their sites. If a burn is severe, it may kill the nerves at its site and a victim may not feel any pain in the area. Burns destroy layers of skin and can harm muscles, bones, and tissue if they penetrate deep into the body.

As part of the healing process, a burn may scar. Less serious burns may heal without lingering signs of damage, but serious burns may change the tone of the skin or leave permanent markings.

Long-term effects of burns

Side from scars, burn victims can experience a range of long-term symptoms associated with their injuries. Those symptoms can include:

  • Reduced functionality of affected body parts
  • Deterioration in quality of sleep
  • Discomfort in social situations
  • Itching at burn and scarring sites
  • Ongoing pain
  • Depression and anxiety over burns

While burns generally heal, they can leave victims with significant and debilitating conditions that can impact their long-term quality of life. When burns are caused by the negligence and wrongful acts of others, victims may have options to seek compensation from the parties that caused their damages.