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The dangers of compartment syndrome after a treacherous car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Car Accidents

Just a few weeks ago, golf star Tiger Woods was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. He suffered significant injuries due to being crushed during the violent crash. Though he is expected to recover, Texas residents who are familiar with his story may have questions about the nature in which his harm was sustained.

Crush injuries can happen in many personal injury contexts, including car collisions. They result when victims are caught between two hard objects and force is exerted upon their bodies. Crush injuries can impact victims’ limbs, torsos, or other body parts.

This post will look at crush injuries in the context of one of their most dangerous complications – compartment syndrome. No part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice, and all car accident victims should seek legal counsel for their accident-related legal questions.

Compartment syndrome and its devastating impact on victims

As stated, crush injuries are serious and can cause a range of symptoms. Those can include bleeding and cuts, bruising and broken bones, and even nerve damage. However, one of the most serious complications of crush injuries is compartment syndrome.

Compartment syndrome happens when pressure builds in a compartment of the body and circulation slows or stops. For example, when a victim is affected by a crushing event and blood flow stops to an appendage, that appendage may accumulate fluids that do not drain. The lack of drainage to the appendage may cause tissue damage and death, and ultimately result in the death of the appendage.

Dealing with crush injuries as a victim

An individual who suffers serious crush injuries in a motor vehicle accident may receive extensive bills for their treatments and care following their incident. When their losses are caused by the actions of others, they may be able to seek the recovery of their damages through personal injury-based litigation. A trusted personal injury attorney can advise their client of what legal options they have to be compensated after a serous accident.