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Are commercial vehicle accidents an issue in every Texas county?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle and truck accidents happen with alarming frequency as some collisions prove unavoidable. Negligence factors into numerous collisions in Texas, which explains why so many accidents occur. Most people understand that a driver could get involved in a crash, but they may not realize that certain counties may be more dangerous than others. Statistics show that certain Lone Star State counties may experience far more crashes than other locations. Drivers may find it advisable to be careful when traveling in these regions.

Texas counties with high accident statistics

Texas is a large state with many vehicles traveling on its streets and highways. One county may have more traffic than others as population and commercial activities factor into congested roads. In 2020, several counties saw high incidents of commercial vehicle accidents.

Not surprisingly, Dallas County experienced a high number of crashes at 3,735. However, Harris County had more crashes at 4,915. Tarrant County “only” had 1,781 total collisions, a figure that remains alarming.

All accident figures are alarming

Although a county may have few incidents of car or truck accidents, the results may be tragic. In Garza County, 24 accidents occurred in 2020, a low number in comparison to other localities. Still, one of those crashes led to a fatality. A cursory look at 2020 accident figures shows many counties had at least one fatal crash.

Several reasons factor into why commercial vehicle accidents happen. Sometimes, a driver who is more concerned with work-related matters could be distracted, making safe driving a challenge. Others may commit moving violations that undermine everyone’s safety. Drivers could make several excuses for the collision, but if negligence factored into the events, they could expect to experience the consequences. For some, insurance coverage may be the one thing that saves them from financial ruin.