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Improper cargo loading

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Truck Accidents

One of the biggest risks to occupants of vehicles throughout the state of Texas is a truck that has been loaded improperly. The cargo is unstable and can fall off in any direction, causing an accident for one or more other vehicles as well as the truck itself.

Perils of cargo

There are multiple ways for the cargo on a truck to become unstable. If the cargo is just too heavy for the truck, then it can slide off or even cause a breakage between the engine and the tow. If the cargo is the right size, but was loaded in an unbalanced way, then it can fall off on the heavier side, especially when the truck is making a curve. The cargo might be stacked in balance, but the straps and other secure methods to hold it in place were not completed correctly, so the load can shift off the bed of the truck and fall, or break free of the remaining restraints.

All of these problems have serious consequences. The sheer size and weight of the cargo that these trucks carry means that the loads are a threat to the safety of other drivers, causing damage to cars and forcing them to swerve away. This creates highly dangerous and chaotic conditions on the highway. The truck itself might also be damaged, and an unstable truck is another potential threat to drivers. Big rig accidents can be extremely serious because of the weight and force of semi-trucks.

A truck accident due to improper loading can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, making it highly dangerous to other drivers and passengers.