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Who is responsible for a multi-car pileup accident in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Fault is central to case adjudication in any car accident in Texas, especially multi-car events. They happen more often than motorists realize, and they often occur due to unique circumstances such as bad weather or when drivers make egregious mistakes while behind the wheel. Pileups typically happen in congested traffic while moving at a moderate to high rate of speed, and it is not uncommon for a tractor-trailer rig to be involved as well due to the large number of commercial vehicles on Texas highways. Many times, the positioning of the vehicles and the skid directions can explain what happened in complicated scenarios.

Leading vehicle

The first evaluation will be what happened with the car or truck in front of the pack. The idea that the driver in the rear is always at a fault is not accurate. Police officers and investigators will look at several factors when officially reconstructing truck and car accidents.

Second and subsequent trailing vehicles

The typical result in multi-car motor vehicle accidents is a string of cars and trucks that have either struck a leading vehicle or swerved to avoid the pileup. Those that have avoided impact will often not have a claimant to pursue according to accident law, but some cases can result in liability based on material case evidence indicating dominant fault for any particular driver.

The drivers who are in the middle of the pack are the ones who are most often left with no party to pursue for damages. These are indeed the most complicated auto accidents that happen on Texas highways, so it’s important for drivers to protect their personal interests when fault is being assigned by the court.