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Actions to take after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents happen in Texas routinely, and anyone involved in a collision may benefit from following several prescribed steps. Such actions may preserve one’s health while also setting a course to seek financial compensation for injuries.

Steps to take after an accident

Personal safety and the preservation of life seem like things to focus on most when involved in a car crash. Drivers and passengers alike should determine if they or others require immediate medical attention. Delaying medical care could be a life-threatening mistake. Those who seem fine may deal with other matters at the accident scene, but it could still be advisable to visit an emergency room or urgent care for an evaluation.

Before dealing directly with the other party to the collision, it may be best to call the police. A responding officer might restore order at the scene while compiling a police report. The police report could serve as evidence during a civil trial or insurance investigation.

And yes, exchanging insurance and contact information stands as a critical step. Procuring as much comprehensive information as possible – including driver’s license, phone number and insurance information – helps set a course for expediently following through with any civil claims.

Evidence and filing a claim

Any civil claims after car crashes require evidence to prove fault. Evidence takes numerous forms, including eyewitness statements and dashcam footage. Even taking photographs of the accident scene and any inflicted damage might provide compelling evidence pointing to any fault. Those who do not gather evidence at the scene could be disadvantaged later.

As for fault, the term refers to negligent actions that leave one or more parties liable for injuries and property damage. Drunk or distracted driving reflect two examples of negligent behavior, as does speeding and committing other reckless moving violations.