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Did you suffer burns due to someone’s negligence?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Personal Injury

Burn injuries from unexpected fires or explosions are not only excruciating but can also cause an individual to suffer severe long-term health problems. Skin contact or exposure to fire and extreme heat can result in disfigurement, permanent scarring and irreversible nerve damage. If you or a loved one suffered burn injuries, you might already have an idea of the financial costs it will take to recover. A full recovery might not even be possible because of the inherently damaging property of fire and heat. You should know that fires and explosions do not always happen naturally and without reason. Often, they stem from another person’s negligence.

How negligence can cause burn injuries

Negligence is when a person fails to act reasonably, causing damage or injury to another individual. Their recklessness and negligence may have caused you or your loved one to sustain and suffer those burn injuries. Knowing how they could have caused the injuries could help you decide to pursue a personal injury claim against them. Here are common negligent actions that can cause burn injuries:

  • A reckless driver causing a car accident that ignites or explodes
  • The improper disposal, handling or storage of flammable or chemical materials by a company or individual
  • An appliance or product manufacturer who is selling defective products intentionally or negligently
  • An employer who does not control and monitor the exposure limits of their employees to chemical and flammable substances
  • A landlord or a property owner who fails to keep his premises free from fire hazards
  • A construction worker or company that fails to adhere to the Texas fire codes

Fires and explosions are not the only cause of burns. An individual can suffer scalds, chemical burns, electrical burns and even radiation burns. How you acquired the burn injury will help determine who is liable.

Pursuing a personal injury claim for your burn injuries

You should not have to pay for the burn damages caused by another individual. The right lawyer could investigate your case and help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit if you suffered injuries because of the abovementioned parties or any other negligent party. It is your right to hold them accountable for the immense pain they caused you simply because they were not careful.