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Do car explosions really happen?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Contrary to what Hollywood portrays, the chances of your car exploding into a fiery inferno are exceedingly rare. In reality, your car will only combust and fly into the air if you are transporting something explosive and too many things don’t go your way. Parts of the car may blow up and catch fire, giving the appearance of an explosion.

When do cars explode and catch fire?

Motor vehicles like cars often run on gasoline, which is flammable, not explosive. Moreover, before your car explodes like they do in the movies, it will need the proper chemical reactions and conditions to do so. Cars have multiple safety features to prevent them from exploding.

However, cars may catch on fire due to defects.

  • Fuel and oil leakage: A faulty fuel tank or pump may allow fuel or oil to seep through. Even a small amount, when exposed to a spark or something hot enough, has the potential to ignite a raging fire.
  • Faulty battery: Improper ventilation, high temperatures or corrosion may overcharge or damage a battery, sparking a fire and resulting in a small explosion.
  • Electrical system failure: Damaged or loose wires can occur after a car crash or poor design. Exposed wires may short circuit and lead to an electrical explosion.

Though advancements in car design help make car explosions and fires a rare occurrence, it still pays to be careful. Small fuel leaks and vehicular damage may still cause the car to catch fire and cause injuries.

Who is liable for a car fire?

A vehicle that catches fire can cause severe damage to any car passengers or nearby pedestrians. Burn injuries may result in long-term complications and, at times, be life-threatening. Treating burn injuries can be expensive and require significant medical care and rehabilitation.

Determining liability for such damages can be a complex process requiring examining multiple factors. Investigators must examine the vehicle closely to see where the fire started. It could be due to the vehicle’s manufacturing and design, errors during maintenance or a result of a crime.

Car fires hardly ever happen, but when they do, their damage can be devastating. Furthermore, collecting evidence, establishing liability and computing fair compensation can feel like an impossible puzzle. Legal representation may be necessary for victims of a car fire.