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Don’t ignore headaches after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injury, Personal Injury

Experiencing a minor headache days after a car accident may seem like a small thing, but it could also indicate a serious injury. Particularly, persistent or recurring headaches following an accident are not something to take lightly. It’s common for symptoms of car accident injuries to show up weeks after the incident, making it crucial to take action as soon as they manifest.

What headaches might mean

Even a car moving at a slow speed can produce enough force to inflict serious bodily injuries after crashing into another object. The force from the collision can propel a person’s head forward and bump it against something in the vehicle, resulting in a post-traumatic headache.

Car accident victims typically have post-traumatic headaches upon impact, but they may also experience them hours or days later. Pain in the head after a car crash could be a sign of the following serious conditions:

  • Concussion
  • Fracture
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle strain or spasm
  • Occipital neuralgia

Ignoring headaches may allow them to become more frequent or worsen. It may also leave internal injuries to remain undetected. Many car injuries associated with headaches can cause symptoms like dizziness, memory loss, blurred vision, pain in the neck and nausea that make even performing daily activities unbearable. If left untreated, your headaches may result in further complications.

Why you shouldn’t wait to see a doctor

Some post-traumatic headaches go away after a few weeks. Still, it is always advisable to see a doctor as soon as you can following a car accident or when experiencing delayed symptoms. Diagnostic tests may verify whether you did sustain injuries.

If this is the case, your test results could provide compelling evidence to help you file a personal injury lawsuit or negotiate an insurance claim. Proof of your injuries may also demonstrate that you are entitled to a more substantial settlement than what was initially proposed.

While headaches do not always signify a serious injury, it is better to make sure of this sooner rather than later. If you encounter difficulties in negotiating your settlement, consider engaging the services of a personal injury attorney.