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How might head trauma after a car accident affect you?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Brain Injury Claims

A car crash can happen in mere seconds. Many car accidents are fatal. However, victims who survive their injuries can suffer from long-term disabilities, medical debt and losses. 

The head is one of the most vulnerable body parts that can suffer from injuries in a car accident. It may help auto accident victims learn how serious head trauma can be as they consider seeking compensation: 

1. Concussion

The most frequent injury that people suffer from after a head injury is a concussion. A concussion causes the brain to shake back and forth, which releases chemicals. This chemical imbalance may cause confusion, memory loss, dizziness, headaches and pain. People may also experience a loss of consciousness because of a concussion. 

2. Sensory impairment  

Some people may suffer from sensory issues after a blow to the head. Victims who experience eyesight and hearing issues may have developmental difficulties, which is especially problematic for children and young adults. 

3. Memory loss

Many people suffer from some type of memory loss after an accident. People who suffer from memory loss may forget people, places and names. Memory loss may be limited to the events that led up to an accident. However, severe head trauma can also cause long-term memory loss and confusion.

4. Brain swelling and bleeding

The brain could develop a bruise that eventually swells and bleeds after skull trauma. The swelling brain could put immense pressure on the skull, causing pain to victims and damaging tissue. Brain swelling and bleeding could be fatal if it isn’t tended to immediately. 

Victims of auto accidents benefit greatly when they seek out help from attorneys. Attorneys who practice personal injury law can provide victims with many legal options that would support them as they seek to settle their medical expenses.