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Who is at fault for a truck blind spot accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Drivers know to check their blind spots before merging or changing lanes. However, smaller vehicles are not always noticeable when alongside, behind or in front of a larger truck. While truck drivers should maneuver carefully, it is equally important for other motorists to avoid a truck’s blind spots. When accidents happen due to a blind spot, determining fault is not always straightforward.

Why determining fault is important

In Texas, when a driver’s negligent actions result in a crash, they are responsible for compensating the victim. Collisions can lead to severe injuries, requiring medical attention, time away from work and enduring discomfort or other damages. Given the gravity of damages, car accident compensation often involves substantial sums. Therefore, understanding who to hold accountable is crucial.

Liable parties in accidents involving truck blind spots

All sides are truck blind spots, including the front, left, right and back. It is no surprise that becoming a commercial truck driver demands specific skills and knowledge. They must also maintain the vehicle, follow traffic rules and refuse to operate when impaired.

Any time a truck driver fails to check their blind spots or drives carelessly, they risk causing an accident. Should evidence show that their negligence caused the crash, the truck driver could be at fault.

Moreover, if the truck driver was working then, their employer may also be liable. This is because the accident could have resulted from their lack of training, poor hiring practices or failure to maintain their vehicles.

In some situations, a third party may face fault for their role in the collision. For instance, the manufacturer may be held liable if a defective component in the vehicle caused it to crash.

More importantly, accidents can also occur when automobile drivers or pedestrians fail to pay attention or spend too much time in a truck’s blind zones. As a result, recovering compensation would require compelling proof that the truck driver’s carelessness is to blame.

It goes without saying that all drivers on the road must practice caution. Even a minor collision can cause severe injuries for those involved. Unfortunately, seeking compensation can be a challenge without sufficient evidence and investigation. If you are involved in a truck accident, consider speaking to a lawyer about your case.