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The high cost of prosperity in Texas’s industrial sector

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Catastrophic Injury, Personal Injury

In the resource-rich lands of Texas, construction, agriculture and oil industries flourish. From the oil-drenched rigs of the Gulf Coast to the sprawling construction sites of booming urban centers, Texas’s industrial landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic. However, these thriving industries come at a high price, and often, the workers are the ones who end up paying for it.

Many workers fall victim to the dangerous conditions that come with working in an industrial environment. They inhale toxic fumes, handle highly combustible materials and operate heavy machinery regularly. Their work puts them at risk of suffering severe on-the-job injuries and even death. Employers should evaluate the risks associated with the job to provide their employees with proper training and safety procedures. They must supply their employees with personal protective equipment and require them to wear it when necessary. Employers are responsible for their employees, after all, so they should do whatever it takes to prevent industrial accidents from happening.

What are some common examples of industrial accidents?

Industrial accidents are unexpected incidents that happen to an industrial company worker during employment. You see, an industrial setting is not the most optimal place to work in. It is by no means a desk job. Working in an industrial environment usually means being around massive equipment and hazardous materials daily. Below are common examples of industrial accidents:

  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Fires and explosions
  • Electrocution
  • Oil spills
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery
  • Falling debris and equipment
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Transportation accidents

One explosion could burn and kill hundreds of people in an instant. Everyone must always be alert and extra careful. The problem is that apart from the dangerous working conditions, workers in the industrial setting typically work grueling hours. Because their work is labor-intensive, they are at a heightened risk of fatigue and over-exhaustion. It would make it exceedingly difficult for them to focus.

What can victims of industrial accidents do?

Poor working conditions and improper storing of dangerous fumes or materials have injured and killed thousands of workers over the years. Industrial accidents will not stop as long as employers continue to prioritize productivity and profit over safety and health. Victims or their surviving loved ones can hold industrial companies accountable through personal injury lawsuits and other legal claims. While no amount of compensation will ever be enough, it can at least provide some financial relief and hopefully prevent similar accidents from happening again.