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Are new truck drivers more prone to accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Firm News

Every now and then, reports of serious accidents involving a truck driver emerge, leading other road users to question why. Among the various factors that contribute to truck accidents, inexperience is one that could ring alarm bells. Although commercial truck companies are obligated to screen and adequately train new drivers, there are many who fall short of meeting these requirements.

Texans sharing the road with inexperienced truck drivers could face an increased safety risk. Should a truck accident occur, parties who sustained damages may be able to recover compensation by pursuing legal action.

The risks of sharing the road with inexperienced truck drivers

Maneuvering a large vehicle safely requires a high level of skill that many cannot master overnight, highlighting the importance of adequate training. Compared to regular vehicles, trucks have larger no-zones, which can make it more challenging to change lanes or make turns. Even with side mirrors, pedestrians and smaller vehicles are often difficult to see from the truck driver’s perspective.

Newly hired truck drivers, particularly those who lack sufficient training, may lack the quick reaction time and sound judgment needed to manage the challenges of the road. Unforeseen hazards, night driving, severe weather and congested traffic can intensify the already demanding task of truck driving.

In addition, drivers must often abide by tight deadlines or endure long work shifts. These factors, along with inexperience, can heighten their chances of causing an accident.

Who is responsible for injuries from a truck accident?

Although trucking accidents are common in Texas, figuring out who to hold responsible is often a complex task for victims seeking justice and fair compensation. Whoever caused the accident should be at fault. However, it often takes detailed investigations to determine who exactly is liable.

Truck drivers are typically liable, but a careful analysis of the case may reveal that their employer, the truck’s manufacturer, or the loading company are also at fault. Proving negligence is pivotal in determining who is responsible. This involves looking into the root cause of dangerous or irresponsible behaviors that led to the accident.

For instance, a trucking company that hired unqualified drivers or did not provide proper training could be held responsible for causing the accident.

Truck drivers are amongst the hardest workers. However, inexperience makes them dangerous. If you get into an accident because of a truck driver, a seasoned attorney can be a valuable source of support and legal knowledge. As you attempt to recover compensation, they can help protect your rights, guide you through the process and help prove negligence.